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Andratx Resort Guide to Hotels and Restaurants

Andratx town and Puerto Andratx Guide

Andratx location

Andratx (sometimes spelt Andraitx) and Port d'Andratx are two towns seperated by a common name. Andratx town is approximately a 5 kilometres (3 Miles) drive from the coastal town of Port d'Andratx. While both of these places have their charms, it is Port d'Andratx that is most popular with visiting tourists.

Getting to Andratx

39km (24 miles) from the airport it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive to the town of Andratx. It is 5 mintes drive further to Port d'Andratx.

About Andratx

Both towns are in the South West of Mallorca at the Southern extent of the Tramuntana Mountains. Andratx town is pretty, charecterized by it's higgledy piggledy, stepped streets in its Northern area and its regimented grid system of streets in the lower town. Its tree lined main thouroughfare is worth a stroll down as the Andratx has many of the charms that make many Mallorcan towns special. But if you are after something unique, bypass Andratx and press on the five miles further down the road to Port d'Andratx it's nautical namesake.

Port d'Andratx is a natural port surrounded by the imposing high cliffs of the last of the Tramuntana mountain range. It has been a traditional Mallorca fishing village for generations. There is still a small, yet thriving, fishing industry in Port d'Andratx. Most days you can see fishermen on the small quayside selling the days catch. This fresh local bounty is then sold on to the many quality harbour side restaurants that compete for business from the generally 'well to do' tourists and locals that come to the port. Many of these establishments have lovely views over the bay to the villas that seem to cling precariously to the slopes of the tramuntana mountains in the near distance. Port d'Andratx is a marvelous place for a romantic late supper or relaxing evening drink watching the often spectacular sunsets. Port d'Andratx is popular with the yachty set and as a result has an upmarket feel and manner. Unfortunately this sometimes translates into slighty higher prices for food and drinks. Do not let that put you off coming though, the atmosphere at sunset in high summer is worth a few extra cents on beer.

Andratx Activities: Nearby Golf Courses

Andratx Golf

A short drive out of Port d'Andratx (and an even shorter one from the town) lies one of the most professional Golf courses on Mallorca, Golf de Andratx. Golf de Andratx is 18 holes of heaven for the avid Golfer. Located in a lovely valley near the exclusive Camp de Mar, the course has stunning views across the bay and is many people's number one choice for a round of golf on the island.
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Santa Ponca Golf
Santa Ponca is home to three fabulous golf courses and boasts some of the greatest groundsmanship on the island. Unfortunately only Santa Ponsa 1 is open to non members of the club, but it is a great, very traditional, course with lots of water and stunning flora in season.

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