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Mallorca (Majorca) Airline and Airport Serving Palma

Getting to Mallorca - Flying to Mallorca

Palma Airport Website -

Live information on arrivals to Mallorca and departures from Mallorca, a great help in the summer months when you're collecting your fifth group of friends!

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Check out this site, it's pretty amazing, you can search all of the airlines below that fly to or from Mallorca in a single site. Also allows you to view the cheapest flight in a particular month, which is great if you don't mind when you want to travel to Mallorca. - Flight Search Engine -

A Spanish based English speaking service which allows you to search online for any charter flights coming to Mallorca. This is great if you want to get to Mallorca and don't care where you fly from. Also great for those living on Mallorca with island fever!



List of airlines flying to Mallorca
British Airways - for flights, car hire, hotels


Rent a Car in Mallorca
Address: Joan Miro, 328B, 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares