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Mallorca (Majorca) Getting Around by Bus, Car, Taxi or Train

Information on Getting Around Mallorca

With regular flights from all major airports in the UK, the two hour journey to Mallorca couldn't be easier. The ease in getting around doesn't stop on arrival either, as the island boasts an up to date transport network. This includes a reliable bus system between all the major towns, a multitude of taxis, car rental firms and bicycles and mopeds to rent, as well as a couple of minor rail lines. Distances between destinations are small, as are the costs involved getting there. Plus island hopping is easy with regular and inexpensive inter-island flights and a reliable ferry service links Mallorca to it's near neighbours.

In addition our comprehensive list of travel agents and airlines will help make your journeys away from the island comfortable and hassle-free, and you can rely on our transportation pages to provide you with a way of getting around on the island quickly

Buses on Mallorca

The buses within Palma run frequently and on time. Buses to the resorts are often packed with standing rom only. Click here to read more about buses in Mallorca

Trains on Mallorca

There is a train which travels across the centr of the island terminating in Inca with many stops on the way. Read more about Mallorca trains.

Taxis on Mallorca

There are plenty of taxis cruising the streets, if the light is green you can flag it down. More information about taxis in Mallorca

Soller Train

An absolute must if you come to Mallorca, a steam train travelling through the mountainous lemon groves. Click here for more information about the Soller train

Car Hire on Mallorca- Rent a Car Here!

There are plenty of car hire companies operating in Mallorca. Here is a booking engine that searches through a variety of different companies for the best price:


Rent a Car in Mallorca
Address: Joan Miro, 328B, 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares