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Mallorca (Majorca) Restaurants and Bars

Mallorca Restaurants and Bars

Eating out in Mallorca is, on the whole, an inexpensive and enjoyable experience with hundreds of restaurants to choose from.

These range from the usual fast food outlets in the big tourist resorts, to all manner of international cuisine including Japanese Sushi, Mexican, Indian, Thai, French and Chinese.

Genuine Balearic food also deserves a mention and there are numerous tapas bars and restaurants serving the local sopas mallorquines (a hearty broth containing port and vegetables), asados de lechona (roast suckling pig) or lomo con col (pork with cabbage) to name but a few.

Other Spanish dishes including paella and gazpacho are also widely available.

One can usually find local restaurants that serve a traditional Spanish working mans lunch, the menu of the day or Menu Del Dia over a thousand bars and cafes can be found on Mallorca, many of which stay open throughout the day and very late into the night. These normally serve all types of drinks from Coca Cola to beer, wine and spirits. Many also provide various snacks and pastries, including Ensaimadas a traditional Mallorquin pastry filled with cream.

Wine and dine Mallorca style

With over 1.200 restaurants in Mallorca and lots of locally produced wine you cannot go far wrong. You will be able to enjoy Mediterranean style of cooking at its best based largely on locally produced meat, fruit, fish and vegetables. Go to any Mallorcan style restaurant and you will be offered age-old recipes mainly comprised of pig, fish and lamb.

Sopas mallorquines (a hearty broth containing slices of bread and vegetables)
Asados de lechona (roast suckling pig)
Palatilla de cordero (roast shoulder of lamb)
Conejo (rabbit with onions)
Lomo con col (pork with cabbage)
Arroz Brut
(Baked mediterranean vegetables)

The quality of local wine has improved greatly over the last ten years. Besides going to visit one or more of the local wine estates to activate your taste buds consider stocking up with Binisalem, Felanitx, and Porreras wine both white and red. To finish off a good meal try out a well-known local digestive "Hierbas", a herb liquor. It comes dry, semi-sweet or sweet and can be found in most restaurants and liquor outlets across the island.

Local deserts are wonderful. There are Mallorca cakes such as "Coca de Almendras", and the famous "ensaimada". Since there are lots of almonds on the islands you can even finish off your meal in true Mallorcan style and order some roast almonds and bananas.

Tapas Restaurants

Restaurants serving Menu Del Dia

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