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Mallorca (Majorca) Tapas, Pinxo Restaurants and Bars

Mallorca Food and Restaurants - Tapas

Mallorca Food -  TapasIn common with most of Spain, tapas is a wildly popular way to dine out on Mallorca.

Comprising many small portions of various types of traditional Spanish dishes, tapas has traditionaly been served free with drinks of an evening. This tradition still survives in many establishments in mallorquin areas but don't rely on it! You will more commonly be offered only a bowl of olives.

Tapas can also be "super sized" up and served as a main meal with larger portions being ordered. Half a dish (media ración) or a whole one (ración) are often ordered by a group and can help to save money.


Some popular tapas dishes:

Lomo Con Pimientos - pork with peppers in tomato sauce

Estofado - beef and potato stew

Ensaladilla rusa - potato salad with tuna

Chipirones - battered and fried baby squid

Boquerones - fried, breaded whitebait

Patatas Alioli - fried potatos and garlic mayonaise

Pimientos de Padrón - fried, blackened and salted pimiento peppers

Albondigas - beef or pork meat balls in tomato sauce

Champiniones Al Ajo - mushrooms in garlic butter

Tortilla Espanyola - thick spanish omlette with potato and onion

Aceitunas - olives

Chorizo al vino - Chorizo sausage in red wine

Some Quality Tapas Bars in and around Palma




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