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Things to Do in Mallorca

Eating Out

Eating out in Mallorca is, on the whole, an inexpensive and enjoyable experience with hundreds of restaurants to choose from.. Click here to read more about eating out in Mallorca

Mallorca Beaches

There are literally 100's of beaches in Mallorca varying from the huge white sandy expanse at Arenal, complete with palm topped umbrellas, to the wild white expanse at lovely Es Trenc to many tiny deserted coves. Read more about Mallorca beaches.

Festivals in Mallorca

From firework wielding demons to mock battles between heroes and infidels there is always a festival going on somewhere in Mallorca.More information about festivals in Mallorca

Museums in Mallorca

There ar a number of museums in Mallorca especially in the capital of Palma. Click here for more information about museums in Mallorca


There are a numbr of cinemas that show English films or plenty more that show the latst blockbusters dubbed into Spanish. Click here for more information about cinemas in Mallorca


Markets in Mallorca

There are markets every day in Mallorca some of the bigger fleamarketss are at the weekends. Read more about markets in Mallorca

Rent a Car in Mallorca
Address: Joan Miro, 328B, 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares