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Mallorca Geography - Tramuntana mountains, Es Pla central plain and 554km of coastline

About Mallorca - Geography

There are numerous film and photo location agencies on Mallorca, not only because of the islands high number of sunny days but also because in Mallorca you could be anywhere, with the mountains, the beaches and the plain Mallorca's landscape is incredibly varied.

The Mallorcan Mountains

The Tramuntana mountain range, formed by a line of mountains running parallel to the north west coast, the highest of which is Puig Major. The mountains give way to a coastline of tiny villages, sand, pebble and rock beaches. Each in turn surrounded by the imposing mountain range. The mountains are the source of the island's fresh water which courses down to the island's growing regions where orange, clementine, olive, almond and lemon trees grow. There are also long hillside terraces side by side with the olives and sweet wine producing grapes of the island.

Mallorca's Central Plain

The center of the island is known locally as Es Pla, which lies to the East of the Tramuntana Mountains has an abundance of underground water which is pumped up by the distinctive windmills you can see on approach by airoplane.This and the flatness of the land makes an ideal environment for farming and consequently this is where the majority of the island's agricultural produce comes from. There are also vast olive and almond groves to be found with splendid blossoms appearing in February.

Mallorca's Fantastic Coastline

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands with 554 km of coastline.
From the northwest to the southwest, the land gradually leads down to the sea, forming bays, long beaches such as Es Trenc and small coves of fine sand and transparent, green water, tinged with the reflection of the pines and fig trees which reach the shore. These offer excellent opportunities to sunbathe, swim, enjoy water sports such as sailing and diving among the reefs.
In the southwest of Mallorca is the huge Bay of Palma, which protects and shelters the former kingdom's capital.
Majorca is also neighboured by a number of tiny islands that offer sanctuary to birds and rare reptiles.

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